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The client requested Solum’s services to carry out an inspection of the constructive design of the brine storage pools. One of the pools was leaking.


Solum performed a thorough inspection of the pool called ESA 501-C, primarily due to the polymeric shrinkage rate of the panels placed during construction, providing effective solutions for long-term repair. In addition to this, a practical design is established by increasing the yield rate of the installed membrane resins, avoiding the structural dismantling of the storage linings, and mitigating the environmental impact.

Achieved Goals

Strategic solution, inspection, and supervision of application mechanics in repair processes.


Almacenamientos Subterráneos del Sureste A.C.


Shalapa, Ixhuatlán del sureste Veracruz, México


  • Practical and effective solutions.
  • Environmental studies.
  • Restoration to damage located during inspection.
  • Reduction of damage due to environmental impact.
  • Contribution in areas of opportunity to improve primary structural design.

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