Tailings Management Specific Services


Our experience includes tailings storage facilities in dry and humid climates, high elevations, high seismic activity regions and remote areas. Our team has the specialty and knowledge in design and construction of optimized conventional, filtered, paste, thickened and dry stack tailings systems. We understand the industry trends to systems that minimize the amount of water in the tailings process. We apply the understanding of complex hydraulic methods designed for each particular mine arrangement which result in longer mine lifetimes and reduced risks as well as increased storage efficiency.

  • Site selection
  • Tailings storage facility design
  • Material selection, including tailings as construction material considerations
  • Geotechnical, hydrologic, hydrogeological and hydraulic studies
  • Geo-risks investigations
  • Seismic studies
  • Evaluation and design of geosynthetic liner systems and geomembrane
  • Geochemical and water quality evaluations
  • Peer review and forensic investigations
  • Annual inspections and monitoring
  • Plant and tailings transport design

Types of Tailings Storage Facilities and Technologies of thickened / filtered / paste / dry stack tailings:

  • Conventional systems
  • Thickened tailings systems
  • Paste tailings systems
  • Dry stack systems
  • Underground co-disposal systems
  • Cyclones
  • Sand, soil and waste rock dams
  • Downstream, upstream and center line raises
  • Co-disposal with mine waste
  • Earth fill; underground and open pit

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