Construction Support and Quality Assurance


Our experience includes the quality assurance of construction and supervision of the installation of geosynthetics that aims to define the tests to be submitted for analysis, both the geosynthetic materials used in the works, as well as the work performed, to ensure that the required conditions are met. The services include:

  • Site selection
  • Evaluation and design of geosynthetic, geomembrane and geotextile systems
  • Geosynthetic roll inspection, defect detection and determine if the defects are reparable.
  • Compliance with manufacturer specifications
  • Inspection and testing of installed geosynthetic panels
  • Seam record and approval
  • Placement and deployment supervision and verification
  • Visual inspections of the geosynthetic sheets, alignment, and seam joints
  • Test method decisions for repaired seams
  • Manufacture quality assurance (MQA) including review documents of resin quality, and geosynthetic quality control certificates
  • Conformity tests
  • Topographic verification
  • Analysis of geological and climate conditions
  • Laboratory test interpretation


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