• Geophysics Studies: Solum has conducted geophysics studies that have been beneficial for our clients throughout the life cycle of their projects. In the planning phase, these studies have contributed to providing valuable data that engineers can use for conceptual and initial designs. In the construction phase, the geophysics services can help identify project risks. Our team has performed geophysics studies with Electrical Resistivity Tomography and GeoRadar (Ground Penetrating Radar | GPR).
  • Rock and Soil Mechanics: We have developed numeric models for the analysis as interpretation tools supported by the observations made onsite. The rock and soil mechanics studies are used to develop engineering analyses, underground mine engineering, waste rock pile design, and tailings storage facility designs.
  • Field Laboratory Services: Our laboratory services are provided by our field engineering and technical team who have wide experience studying soil and can provide high quality reports. The services include soil laboratory, concrete laboratory, and steel field tests. 

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